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Sanctuary Online is not another MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) set in the Middle Ages. Instead, Sanctuary totally redefines the standards of a medieval MMORPG. Immerse yourself in an online world which will revolutionize your perception of how online Medieval/Fantasy games should be designed. Sanctuary is an attempt at making a fun game with infinite replay value and features not found in any other fantasy MMORPG versus tedious gameplay. Several major features are outlined as follows (all information provided is subject to change at any single release):

1. Medieval/Fantasy setting

2. Sieges Engine
Build fortresses, lay siege to existing fortresses. Collect tribute. Destroy enemy fortifications. Wage war and completely annihilate your enemies or build an empire! The Siege Engine allows players to build custom fortresses in certain areas of the world. These fortresses may become powerful strongholds containing a wide variety of defenses ranging from layered walls to ballistas. Enemies may lay siege to your fortress so beware! Relive the excitement of Medieval sieges using catapults, ladders, and many more as you try to capture or defend your fortress!

3. Epic Battle Engine
Ever wanted to able to stage sword fights identical to the ones you see in movies or Middle Ages? The Epic Engine will let you live the battles! Battles are handled in real-time, although the speed is scaled down to allow one to be able to keep up with the action. You can slash, backslash, parry, raise your shield, and execute many other deadly moves! Furthermore, a percentage system will add more strategy rather than constant button mashing. The more you charge your damage percentage bar, the more damage you'll be dishing out. It is up to the player to decide whether he/she wants rapid weak attacks or slow punishing blows. Words aren't enough to express the excitement of the Epic Battle Engine. You're more likely to remember battle sequences in Sanctuary than any other online game!
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4. Mage System
  • Over 50-100 spells per mage element (Six elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, Dark).
  • Multi-Mage System. Several spells (such as the spell one-hit KO Doomgates) are relatively powerful and may even be considered cheap. Therefore, a single mage should not be able to cast such a spell alone. If a mage initiates the casting of Doomgates, for example, then up to five other mages must contribute to the casting. Therefore, the MP is drained from all the mages cooperating equally. Expect many mage groups helping eachother cast spells.
  • Unique Spells. Expect the ability for mind control and summons ranging from scouting units such as eagles to horrifying behemoths like Golems. The variety of unique spells in Sanctuary is virtually endless and may seem unrivaled by any other MMORPG!

  • 5. Stealth System
    Would you prefer to sneak through a battlefield causing chaos stealthily or go on a rampage as a swordsmen? For those preferring the stealth route, Sanctuary offers many unparalleled features. Nothing beats the excitement of delivering a punishing backstab to your archenemy, stealing money, setting up traps, cloaking, or even knocking your opponents unconscious! Stealth classes may enjoy being the "Medieval version of a secret agent/covert op."

    6. Races/Classes
    Play any race including the famed Humans, forest-loving Elves, Dark Elven outcasts, tough Dwarves, mighty Orcs, ghastly Undead, or even the feared Werewolves. Classes begin with three basic class subjects (Swordsmen, Mages, Stealth) and each can be promoted to more powerful classes depending on one's alignment (Dark Prince, Guardian, Necromancer, Thief, Warlord, Archer, and many more) stretching the number of available classes to 20+. Each class learns specific skills such as Falconry, Steal, Spiked Shield, etc.

    7. Storyline Engine
    Tired of the excessive emphasis on questing in MMORPGs? Perhaps you dislike the linear storyline? Sanctuary is here to change that with the Storyline Engine. This allows for a dynamic world in which each individual has an impact on the story. For instance, if the orcs need iron to craft a special sword for their leader, but lack any available iron mines, they can initiate war and raid the Dwarven iron mines. NPC's will be alarmed by the war, and certain NPC's may request that a Dwarven player destroy an Orc fortification as a quest. Thus, many players (Orc and Dwarves alike) will be plunged into a conflict that may be settled by any means available (such as negotiation or all-out war). However, it is also possible for the Orcs to peacefully trade materials in exchange for the iron.

    8. Dynamic World
    The world of Sanctuary may not be the same as the previous day...and for a reason. Shops only have a limited supply of certain items. Once an item is sold out, players either have to travel to another shop or wait for the shop to restock. A gold mine is able to be depleted. Fortresses may be built and destroyed throughout the world. With an engine constantly updating the world without intervention from the staff, replay value is constantly increased as the game continues.

    9. Transport
    Race through the world on a famed stallion or a terrifying wolf! Lucky players will even experience the excitement of mounting a unicorn or even the legendary Pegasus! The information just provided has only scratched the surface, for you will be able to search through the shadows and find mythical dragons. Soar through the world in a dragon and rain fire upon your enemies or breathe poison from a three-headed dragon! Great Eagles, dragons, Pegasus, unicorns, wolves, and horses are just some of the many creatures you will be able to use as transport in the world of Sanctuary.

    10. Server Types
    Looking for replay value? Check out our different server types which include Classic, Deathmatch, and Private servers. Classic is basically the ordinary MMORPG servers, which is also where the Sanctuary main server will be located. Deathmatch servers are an entirely different spin-off.
    Ever played a first-person shooter game? Deathmatch is similar to this in a sense. One can initiate game rooms or join existing rooms. Players will be able to select from any of the 50-100 pre-made maps available. One is able to choose any available class before beginning the game. Afterwards, players are plunged into a game world where they must scour the map for weapons. If you're a swordsman, expect to find a variety of swords located throughout the battlefield. Whilst if you play an archer, you may find many bows and/or arrows to add to your deadly arsenal. This is similar to the constant search of more powerful weapons in first-person shooters. What happens next? Destroy your opponents with your new array of weapons. Mini-games will also be included for Deathmatch servers such as Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, etc.
    Another capability of Deathmatch servers is the ability to use custom maps. If all players inside the room have a copy of the map, then players will be able to initiate battle within that certain map.
    Private servers are basically Deathmatch servers which are password-protected. This is perfect for hosting games to play with friends. Also, this eliminates lengthy listings of password-protected servers.

    11. Guilds
    Sanctuary offers an innovative guild system. "Teams" can be created by virtually any player. However, the drawback to teams are the limited size and features. Teams are essentially a lesser form of "Guilds." "Guilds" offer an unlimited amount of members. Also, guilds are able to operate with sub-guilds which are in essence "teams (this is referring to the teams just previously explained)." This allows for greater flexibility in military formation, for example. Each guild is able to build one fortress. An evolved form of "guilds" are "alliances." Alliances are two or more allied guilds. The one fortress a single guild is allowed to own do not affect the alliances. Thus, two guilds in one alliance can own up to two fortresses, three guilds able to hold three, and so forth. The chat system will feature a chat channel to communicate to only your "team," "guild," or "alliance." Also, one cannot damage allied (team members and above) players. Another notable feature is the ability to create a customized guild emblem that will be displayed within guild shields, flags, etc.
    Guild Emblem Information

    12. Sea Travel and Battle
    After meeting special requirements, players are able to own their own ship! Of course, ships must be built by the player first. Guilds are able to declare a flagship, which houses 1,000 more HP than normal ships. Only one flagship may be present at any given time within a single guild. All ships are able to equip cannons. Cannon warfare is deadly and is designed to destroy opposing ships. After a ship is sunk, all crew members die with it. A large cannonball supply is a neccessity for long-term sea travel! Each ship will have only a limited number of cannons. Cannonballs can produce splash damage. Players are able to manually drive ships through hazardous storms and deadly enemies. Sea travel will open an entirely new dimension to ranged attackers (archers and mages). Ranged attacks give a slight advantage, given that they outrange cannons.

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